2021 / Spotlight Interview

Directed by Kayla Tong & Jane Chow

Cinematography by Kayla Tong

Vincent Chui, director of indie film distributor Ying E Chi, discusses the way forward for the Hong Kong film industry in the face of the National Security Law.

Chickeeduck X 影意志

Chickeeduck 藝術生活百貨,希望能夠為香港人民共同體做多少少,燃點着一個希望,提醒香港人「保持憤怒,永不習慣」。 我哋去咗影意志影院 Ying E Chi Cinema 到同崔允信傾吓佢哋嘅團體點樣繼續支持香港獨立電影──譬如《理大圍城》同《佔領立法會》──同埋佢對未來嘅香港有咩期望。 崔允信講得好啱:我哋唔係要做到「最後嗰日」,我哋係要繼續做落去,做到唔會有嗰日。 Through the Chickeeduck lifestyle goods store, we hope to do our part to help Hong Kongers who support democracy. We want to light a spark of hope and remind Hong Kongers to stay angry, to never become complacent. We sat down with Vincent Chui at 影意志影院 Ying E Chi Cinema to hear about how his organization is continuing to champion Hong Kong independent films — such as "Inside the Red Brick Wall" and "Taking Back the Legislature" — as well as his hopes for the future of Hong Kong. Vincent is right: It’s not about doing this until “the very last day”. Instead, we need to continue doing our part to make sure that day never comes. Directed & Produced by Jane Chow and Kayla Tong Cinematography by Kayla Tong Edited by Jane Chow

Posted by Chow Siu Lung Herbert 周小兔 on Saturday, May 1, 2021