2020 / Documentary Short / Political Campaign, Democracy

Directed by Kayla Tong & Jane Chow

Cinematography by Kayla Tong

Herbert Chow 周小龍, owner of the Hong Kong childrenswear store Chickeeduck, never thought he'd go into politics. But seeing the complacency of fellow businessmen after a year of political unrest, he decided to join the fight for democracy. In his running for the Legislative Council, he's determined to unite Hong Kong families and protect creative freedom for the next generation.

喺唔同嘅訪問裏面,我都提及過參選「體演文出」呢一個功能組別,其中一個原因係我有一個喺演藝界嘅女。 佢係一個導演,同我亦都感情好好。 有日我諗:外面究竟有幾多年青人因為同家人政見不同,而被爸爸媽媽趕左出街?又或者搞到冇計傾?  所以,我同阿女一齊構思左呢一條短片。 隔咗成年啦,父母係時候接返啲仔女返屋企,踏出一步,了解吓佢哋嘅諗法。做父母嘅,有邊個唔想同囝囝囡囡嘅關係好呢? Directed by Jane Chow and Kayla Tong Producer & Editor: Jane Chow https://janechow.com/ Director of Photography: Kayla Tong https://www.kaylatong.com/ #體演文出 #立法會 #功能組別 #周小龍

Posted by Chow Siu Lung Herbert 周小兔 on Monday, July 13, 2020